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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Wonderer in Wonderland

I swear I have the most amazing things happen to me! I can’t even begin to explain some of the cool stuff that happens. Like the UFO shiz,  random free concerts, my newly founded Autistic Abilities, and now My own personal wander land! WHAT THE HELL FUCK SHIT YO! Or for the Mormons, WHAT THE OUTTER DARKNESS FUCK SHIT YO!

Here’s how the Shit goes down. Step one Shank Alice, Step Two Jump In the rabbit hole. ( for once I wasn’t being a perv!) Ok, so didn’t go quite like that. Like well, there was no Alice, and Not Rabbit hole. BUT, There was a Wonder land in Idaho.  It was Amazing, I swear to Jahova it was like walking through a painting. The artist being, a blend of Bob Ross, Thomas Kinkaid, and god! 
Here’s the real story of how this awesome shit went down! We decided a couple hours before sun set that we were going to go hiking and try to find a path to get to a tower on the top of the hill from where were camping so we could watch sunset. We get to this split in the road we had came to last time. One split we had take took us up a really steep slope what was so much a path as a run off ditch. The other seemed like a really mellow trail. What made us decided the other path first is beyond me now that we found this path.  We obviously to take the path that was more relaxed looking, everything looked normal until we go to this tree that had fallen over, but was overhanging the path.Photobucket  As you pass under this you come to a bend in the road. From this point it turned out gorgeous, the colors and the vibrancy of all the flowers. The layers of trees and the mountains behind them.Photobucket The ever flowing meadows of wild flowers and the sweet grass with blue an read patterns stretching out in these meadows.Photobucket Even the hum of the bees in the flowers was perfection on this hike.Photobucket At one point I had picked up a rock and tossed it into the wild flowers, watching it land about 3-4 feet away beside a stump, this was about an hour from camp. On our way back to camp the rock layed on the path just a few yards from our camp.(Explain that one!) We came across a tiny off path, that lead into this amazing painting we were wandering through.  As you stepped passed the branches slightly over hanging the path, you  were engulfed in the painting itself.Photobucket And small winding path that led to the mouth of a tiny natural spring. Littered with Beautiful stones, glimmering in the little bit a sunlight that peaked through the many layers of leaves. PhotobucketThe occasional chirp of the passing bird.Photobucket The sounds of the dirt bikes and four-wheelers had all but vanished.Photobucket A light breeze, and the soft pinks and blues in the sky from the setting sun. Now if there was a  small cottage with windows illuminated by a soft glow of candle light and covered in moss this scene would be something right out of Kinkaid’s mind and Ross’s paintbrush. I could have lived in this Wonderland forever. 
Just remember when you’re setting in your 9-5 there are other worlds to explore out there. There are a million things to see that, as humans, we forget exists. Just because its more important to have a huge fucking house filled with expensive and yet cheaply made crap. 
Have a great day!

From Wonderland with Love!

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