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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ready to take a rest out east.

I am ready to take a break. It isn't because I am over traveling. But I would like to settle in for winter for one and for two I would like to just take a break and start working on my projects. The meditation guides to start with and the big one, the conscious community. I am looking to raise money to get back east or a ride out there. Another words I am manifesting my opportunity to head back for a while. Also I would love to get to go to Salem, Mass for Halloween. That would be amazing. I love Salem, last time I was there was a few years back and it felt to me like a very powerful area. I would enjoy going and seeing it again.

Anyways, So any viewers. If you know of an extremely cheap way to get from Idaho to Maryland let me know. If you would like to help raise the money to get me home, I say please and thank you. Or if youre coming from the west coast to the east and want a hitch hiker... I am here.

If you're interested in helping there is a donation button located in a couple places in the blog its is a picture of earth from space with a big tree and a blue guy, Thank you for the help.

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