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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Release of fall!

This is my favorite season! It is so beautiful, the colors and the the brisk autumn air. The Peace that comes with it. The apples and cider, pumpkin pie and the harvesting. the smell It creates is something amazing to me. It makes me feel brand new every time it comes around. I love riding up into the mountains and looking off into the leaves and knowing no matter where I am, I am home in that beauty. It makes me so happy. I love being able to pull out my scarf and coat. Opening the windows and airing every thing out. Halloween! The idea of the worlds ports being open to one another clearly for travel between. And naturally the tons of candy lol.

What I love most of all is fall is for letting go of the old ways that no longer fit who you are. Allowing the release of the old thoughts that pull us backwards. I love to release old habits that do not fit me. This is why ( in my belief) fall most of us had sinus drainage. Stuffy noses and lots of "lung Butter" from our head releasing all these things we have been holding on to in a physical way. I love being able to blow my nose. Each time I know I am getting rid of something I was holding onto inside of me that had the potential to make me more sick if i had held onto it.

So don't be upset when your sinus's are dumping all it's contents, it is all part of the natural release of fall to let go of the old. So that the new and better for you can come in in the spring. 

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