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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I think Aliens Like French Fries... Like Birds

I think there is more to this area than potatoes! I have been here for a while (altogether time) and since I have arrived, there have been multiple sittings. Ufo I mean, ya know Unidentified Flying Object! So either our military is still douche Canoes (obviously) and are up to something, or Peoples for other planets really like French fries!

This is a short entry Btw, So read slowly. You may miss details that I didn’t post! The other night we are setting in camp. The fire is rather small, for we didn’t care to build a large one, and were looking up into the sky. If you’ve never been somewhere, where just looking into the night sky is possible with out any lights, you should try it. Talk about something incomparably beautiful and mysterious. Anywho, so we happen to notice this super bright “star” in the horizon of the Mountains that happen to not be there the night before. We had extensive conversation on this topic before we ventured further into what it could be. So we continue to watch this random and really bright dot for a while. It moved up into the sky it moved right, then back left. It got dim and then brightened. These movements continued for a long time, which is super exiting! Finally after what felt like around an hour or around about. The light moved away from us and dimmed into the cloud. Then came back out for a few more minutes before going away for the rest of the time we watched. We did get video of this, and you can judge it for yourself . That’s all I have to say.

The curiosity stricken

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buzz Buzz Imma Bee! I will pump my bee juice in you!

As most of you know at this point I have been in Idaho falls, well, near Idaho falls. We’ve been camping in Kelly Canyon near Idaho falls area. My friend Janet and I have been here for nearly a week at this point camping out in this I have to say pretty kick ass spot. Perfect view for sun rise and just over the hill perfect for sun set. Can’t ask for anything better! Not only that access is rather easy, but still very quiet. Plus the area was already clear. So can’t go wrong here! There is however one flaw, there’s not toilet seat! Sigh

We have got the tent area set up just right and fire pit already constructed (with a few tweeks) and we ourselves built a little shelter out of pine branches to chill under when it is really hot out! Another words for a crazy guy like me, well I could live here. Well I would prefer a little cabin and I would be good to go!

Since we have been here we have been hiking  a couple of times. One of those times we were walking over a pile of old dry wood. (great idea eh?)Photobucket
This is where the unthinkable happened! Que serious background music! We disturbed a bee’s nest! OMG AAHHHH! The plus side was they had settled for the night, it was in the midst of twilight and as anyone with a brain of some sort knows bees like to sleep early, for they like to be up at the ass crack of dawn to annoy the piss out of anyone who can hear them. Yes, that my friends is the real and ONLY reason they want to get up that early, so they have all waking hours to try and piss something off! Okay, Back on topic. Luckily for us they weren’t already swarming, for like I said they were asleep. I am behind Janet on this hike and Happen hear a very loud buzzing look over and OH SHIT! I yell RUN. She doesn’t think twice, takes off, as do I. I get away scott free. She got away for MAJOR woundage! Two whole bee stings! Okay, okay. Not major, But not pleasant. Getting stung isn’t like sex here, it hurts. They are creating a hole ( not using one that’s already there) to put their mean bee juice in you!

Then a couple days later we came across the fact that there is an underground bees nest right near camp that we have moved pasted and around many times. But now we are all nervous and quite haven’t decided how to remove these demonic creatures! Well, demonic is a strong word. But  creatures that don’t like us to bug them… haha, bug. Get it! Funny they don’t like us to bug them because I have came to a revelation about them. We are just like them. People I mean. (just thought I would specify)

Look at the similarities, Like them we work and work and work. And for what? To hand it to the “rulers”. We work like drones and think nothing else of life besides work and that’s all. Then if something bothers our own little colony and ATTACK , get pissed off, ATTACK SOME More, then rebuild and go back to working.  So the statement rat race is officially changed to Bee race and I still wont play along!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Fuck off, its Houseless! LOL

So this has came up A LOT along my journey and I wasn’t sure how I felt about this idea, or being called such. I have now decided I am quite alright with it and I can still have a smile on my face and be as happy as I ever was. This idea of Homeless… it’s a name with a bad vibe to it for most people, it’s a terrible thing and to end up that way you MUST abuse substances. Well granted there are people out there who have ended up on the streets for this and people who have ended up on the streets for other reasons (economy just might be shit, Just say’n) and there are the ones who have ended up as such, well, by choice. I know for people the idea of CHOOSING to be this so called “homeless”Photobucket is crazy, over the top, this person MUST be committed for their own good. Someone who would choose to live in tune with nature and out of the rat race of, to be honest is stupid and pointless in my view, why is this so bad?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting back to the Basics! Janet Louise is NOW living her true American dream!

So here is a follow up. My good friend Janet has joined me adventuring a while. She has been in need of good adventure, and in need of getting back to her own basics.

I don't know about you, but when I first heard about Zachy's adventure, I felt a pang of envy course through me.Photobucket I've often secretly fantasized about leaving behind all of the expectations of the world, longing to float through the ebb and flow of life, guided by my intuition and desires.

Fast forward a couple of months, and here I am, joining up with The Wonderer on our own series of adventures. I am very well aware that mainstream culture perceives these choices as eccentric and bizarre, however, I obviously don't care much how others judge or criticize me. I lived my life attempting to please others for far too many years to ever step back into that nightmare, (though my fear of judgment still rears its ugly head sometimes).

When I let go of the traditional role I am expected to fill as a woman, a mother, an American, and a human being, I embrace that new found opportunity to define my own role.Photobucket In my new version, it is very easy to walk away from the rat race - from the obligation to buy into the chaos that has become so common in every day life. I've spent years longing for simplicity, without ever having the courage to take purposeful steps towards that end.

And now, as I've packed up 99% of all of my belongings and put them in storage,Photobucket I put myself in a situation where I had to choose what my most prized possessions are - what is essential for living and survival. I've got the opportunity in my hands right now to re-evaluate my lifestyle, from top to bottom, scale back to the absolute bare minimum, and then move forward with my new convictions.

What a fantastic opportunity! It is so freeing to let go of my attachment to THINGS, to escape from the labels and identifications that come from material possessions.

As a mother, I've been looking at what it is that I ought to be providing for my little family. Traditional paradigms suggest that I need to provide a 3-4 bedroom home for them, with lots of storage space for toys, electronics, clothes, and all manner of material possessions. Because I'm divorced, their lifestyle should be duplicated at both households, and they should never want for anything.....Photobucket

I've had to dig deep lately to reveal to myself how I really feel about what a mother should provide for her family. And I disagree with the modern, traditional paradigm. I want to provide my children with the example of a mother who chooses to live her authentic life rather than playing the people's game. I want to provide them with an environment of unconditional love and acceptance - the feeling that they belong, that they are 'home'. And I wholeheartedly believe I can provide this for them, without buying into a 3 level townhouse that comes with 2 1/2 bathrooms.

My goal is to simplify and become a practicing minimalist. Fortunately, my children will have the chance to grow up seeing what life looks like on both sides of the coin - from a household where all the typical Americanized amenities are available, and a household where love, simplicity, and presence are the highest of priorities.

Getting back to the basics brings my heart such joy, it's ridiculous! I long for simple days where twilight signals bedtime, and we rise with the sun every morning - where we re-align ourselves with the rhythm of Mother Nature. I yearn to eat what nourishes the body, not what can be re-heated in a microwave. I seek to withdraw from the media, from that influence, and settle into a cycle of harmony with myself and my surroundings.

Stepping away from life-as-we-know-it may be the single most important step I've taken in the past few years. My time spent 'wondering' with Zachy is helping me dig deep to my core beliefs and bring them into manifestation. Simplicity. Alignment. Natural. Authentic. These are the words I choose to define my role, my life.

Janet Louise

Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Moron It's and Oxymoron! Hey moron it's a Road!

I would like to update my peeps. So as you know I was in Salt lake Vagina. Which well I am not a huge fan of, period. Don’t listen to me and say of well fuck that, I’m not going to mormon land! You may like it. Or you could think like me and think it is nothing more than a ridiculous amount of douche canoeing. But that’s my feelings on it. So, I left SLC or SLV as I lovingly call it! I made it back to Idaho Falls, via a ride who apparently only like their own voice.  I mean to the point in a 3 hour drive I was asked one question and within 30 seconds I was cut off so they could continue hearing their own voice babble things that made no sense to me, especially since what this individual kept talking about was the same things over and over and when I actually tried engaging in the conversation I had explained why the roads were the way they were through the knowledge I had gained. Granted I may not have it completely right. However their theory on why the road had notches cut into it was to help with water flow away from the grass. V\PhotobucketI mean when they are paving the road it would not make sense, my idea I mean the grooves would not be cut simply to help bind the old road to the new one they are paving on top of it. The water flow away from the grass is the perfect idea. But you know what, this is to damn funny. I am listening to this conversation I am not part of and just thinking, I don’t give a fuck about the road. Nor did I give a damn why he thought energy healing wouldn’t work for him ( mainly because I have no idea anything about that, BWAHAHAHAHA). Basically, I could have been annoyed this whole ride, but I just didn’t give a shit.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New about me! The Second Coming Of the Savior

So everyone! This is How it goes. I am a crazy guy who loves to travel a lot. Obviously, since I have been backpacking the United states a while now.

I am a spiritual being, having a human experience. I make a lot jokes, offensive, tasteless, funny. I love my life and I have a good fucking time no matter what I am doing.

This Blog follows my randomosity and adventures as they come my way. Spiritual, or just random funny shit i find along the way. Hit the follow button above and have a good fucking time like I do

This was drawn for me By my friend's daughters for me coming back to see the recently


I want to Marry Betty Bowers, Americas best Christian.. And the Harem and virgins, and rapees, and some other chicks, and NOT steve because thats wrong :-)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So In the midst of my fun in Idaho falls I did make it the 200 some odd miles back down to Salt Lake Vagina! This place I am fully convinced Is mother earths vagina! Have you ever actually been to the Great Salt lake? Oh, you have not... Yeah, don't feel bad for passing it up. The City it's self I am sure has some cool stuff, but for an outsider, that's what I was an outsider. People don't take to kindly to strangers in their neck of the vagina! That's all I have to say about Salt Lake City.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dumbass in the Lions Den

So with in the past few months there has been a story that was on the news in the Utah area about a group of mormon missionaries who took their mission trip to some where in South America. In this News report there was (obviously, being the news and all) a slight problem. The group had taken a lively after noon to go to the Zoo. In this Zoo there were lions. But to get a good picture, as any dumbass would tell you, you have to climb up on the cement walk of the den to get a promising photo. Only this time ( like anytime a fuck tard climbs with in feet of hungry lions) the lions attacked, Pulling the young hero into the den as a snack for all the little lion friends. OOOHHH NOOOO! Luckily for our young idiot, he knew how to punch. He began heroically fighting the Lions off! Which his trusty side kick ( and possibly lover) grabbed a pole near by and started fighting them off from the wall…Any body else see the humor in this… the wall the first guy is pulled in off of the other one stands on.. If not you’re dumb too, and keep reading. You may find another funny part. The lady missionaries who were on this trip became distraught and to help to dangerous cause of their fellow brothers in need of help ( mentally and physically), began to pray to help out…Jesus, what do they say if he dies? It was Gods will? And if he live, God must have been the hero here, and not the villain like if he dies. Anyways, I am pretty sure they lived. So. GO GOD, You rock My Socks off! If not, Well God had a better use for him. Either way this story will go into the book of moron, I I mean Mormon! Heroic guy, In a lions Den…. Damn that sounds like Daniel in the Lions den!… More like dumbass in the lions den!

Attached is the actual article:
Utah Mormon missionary attacked by lions in Guatemala

There’s a Video Too!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Yellow Stone Part 2 UFO

I cannot say I feel like things are always as they seem, Sometimes I feel like we are all being tricked in this plane of existence that things are just how we see them, or is it where the planes of existence converge and were not ready to see those things. Well most people aren’t ready to accept them as they are for real. Maybe it is like were all living out lives and then people throw in a random play or skit that we just don’t realize isn’t really real, but only a mirage to hide the truth from us. To fool us into believing things are just as they are, and that’s all, nothing more, nothing deeper with more meaning and more life than we allow ourselves to see.

This is how I felt many times as we drove through and visited multiple places in this Nation park of Yellow Stone. All of its beauty and peacefulness. The wildlife and the tourist who aren’t the wiser to my feeling of wandering through a beautifully laid out set sectioned off from reality to show a beautiful side of our reality. To show us how peaceful and safe we all are.. Interesting the place chosen of this is a highly volcanic area that is overdue. Maybe that’s why is felt false. A false sense of safety with in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Maybe my feeling of there was more there than appears before out eyes. Who knows which.

How ever interesting situation that happened as we were leaving. I was in the back in a meditative state, off in my own little world. Having a great time. And BAM breaks, we come to a complete stop in the road. I come to, to hear a conversation of the star in the sunset. A very bright star right in the line a the sunset. Luckily we have binoculars with us. I grab them take a look, and come to the conclusion that it (even though the tail of it is in a v and not a straight line) that it is nothing more than a jet. So my friend Maya grabs the binoculars from me and looks, She watches this jet split into three objects, hands the binoculars back to me for me to look. Sure as shit its three different objects all flying together. HOLY BALLS YO! We all Gander at this object for a while. People stop to ask us what were staring at. We say a strange object in the sky. They, without a thought, just move on. We continue to look to try and figure it out. At this point it have gotten large enough in the sky to attempt a picture. Also notice the flight pattern is no a straight line. Our final conclusion is, well, UFO. Unidentified Flying Object. That’s one creative answer! So here’s the photo, its not very clear because we had to zoom in all the way. Take what you will from it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts on Death By the Wonderer

I do have more about yellow stone, however, this will just have to be in the middle.

So I have been putting some thought into a topic people either avoid, ignore or only pay attention to. I have been thinking about death. Not contemplating it for myself or towards others. The idea within itself. This year for many people have involved quite a bit of death. Either people you know or people you know are going through it, though seems that it has been elevated. So here we are in the midst of something going on with losing a lot of people. A lot of tears have been shed, feeling of loss…..Here’s where it could get controversial for some. If so just remember this is my opinion and it is not intended to anger you. 
 Why is it we look at it as such a bad thing? In most religions this is the time where the soul goes to heaven (or so is said when said person is in the box). It is the chance to go to a new experience, or reincarnate. For science ( if we would allow the natural process) the break down of the body that is created of energy (which is neither created or destroyed) is transferred to another object. So technically said person either way isn’t not gone. 

But this isn’t even my point, simply leads to it. We view death as this terrible thing, where we are obligated to be sad and shed tears. Hug family and reconnect with them over shared happy memories with dead guy… at this point if I seem insensitive, then simply stop reading and move forward, Thanks. I am just confused, why is it so bad? I mean If you really look at it, most people live their lives in misery in hopes to reach a heaven where you bow and praise a man for eternity. Point being life here was not happy for many, hell I would venture the say 95% of the world is NOT HAPPY, they are Miserable! So wouldn’t it be a blessing to not have to be here anymore? DO NOT get me wrong, I do not condone pussying out and offing yourself. 

However isn’t it time we stop doing this shit backwards and be happy for them. All we are doing with the funeral crap is feeling bad for ourselves. “I didn’t spend enough time with them”, “How will i move on with out them”; “They wont get to see the grandkids grow up, the kids will never know how great a person they were.” or “Why would you leave us so soon, how selfish can you be.” 

Does no body see what’s wrong there? How about “ You were an amazing person, we love you and happy you get to experience something new!” ,  “ I am glad you get to go to see new things, How awesome for you!” or  “ You’re missed, But it great that you’re moving forward.”

Yellow Stone National Forest

 Isn’t amazing how things go?  So I get to Idaho falls and I get to experience things I had wanted to experience on this trip. Like I got to go to Yellow Stone, which I will admit I was disappointed when I reworked me trip to basically miss it, because the track I was taking made more sense… herm. Anyways, point being I know this pretty kick ass guy who wanted to go and got to! That would be Me. Your amazingness you can call me J… I was so excited and I am pretty sure I showed it, basically like a little kid, haha. But you know what, I am okay with that. Just because I am.

So we get here to this little town called west yellow stone, and I wandering around, all excited and at this point trying to hide it. I knew when we get here there were things I wanted to see. Old faithful was NOT one of them. Sorry Old faithful.Photobucket There are other gysers who go off more often and to be quite honest as far as I am concerned are better, well to be honest with you Faithy, they don’t have as many people surrounding them waiting for you non faithful behavior to spew all over. I like anticipation building,  but with all the people its like a creepy orgy. Not a big enough climax to please me either. I am sure you please many people you dirty whore, just not me.
Yes we skipped over her ( the over viewed hooker) and saw the good stuff. Many bubbly mud pots, and spewers, really hot water and places where I am not dumb enough.Photobucket Like the picture with the boy scout burning to death it shows and his I am assuming his sister staring in astonishment, She much have been praying for his survival. I got to see a lot of Bison and I think an elk or just an over sized deer. The falls and many other things. The falls were beautiful. These huge Water falls surrounded my yellow rock cliffs, We went on all sides of those… There was an interesting thing going on at yellow stone though. They claim there was a bear attack in the area and had all these areas closed off all around the falls. It felt off to me, Like that wasn’t the case. It didn’t help that it wasn’t even in the area of the bear attack or where they had spotted the bear that was closed. Something felt off to me about it, I cannot describe it but it felt staged to me.
We went to the Lake in the park and was there for a long time. There is a land bridge that reach’s out into the lake. We walked down this where the sand was of obsideon and quartz. I may or may not have collected some of this sand.   The energy was cool at this lake though, It had the feeling of being a very old lake. Like there were things in there that no body knows exist yet. The cliff was crumbling on the side we parked. Guess what  I had the most fun exploring. This lake all I can say is it was peaceful, it felt old, and it had secrets it did not want to share. Many of them.

There are more things to share about this trip to Yellow Stone, However this is long enough….So ….To be continued.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Wonderer's Life Paradox question

<a href=";current=lifesparadox.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Things are interesting you know? Life is a paradox, and the humor behind such is something of the gods. When you feel like things are perfect, we change them to something not so perfect. When we are happy, we find away to destroy it for ourselves. These my dear friends are obvious statements of truth and firmly amusing. The thing I ask why of is why the hell do we want this misery? Not even so much misery as simply an experience we have been taught that they are such? Maybe We have been taught to do things this way...You have to suffer to enjoy... Why?

Sweet potatoes out of the shoe box!



Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Religion, Idaho Falls

In Idaho falls, Idaho there are certain things you find. First thing, a man made water fall. Beautiful water fall it is.  The next thing you will find In the small potato town is not potatoes! But you will find Plenty of Mormons. This here is where I learned about Joseph Smith, A second time. Funny enough it was a different story. One that made more sense to me, and didn’t feel like details were missing. Mr. Joseph Smith’s ,the founder of this Fine religion ( that reminds me a lot of southern Baptist), story goes like this.. In my words. Hi I am Joe, I live in New York. I am a free mason. They don’t like us. I decide to make my own religion. I call Moromism. We have many wives (because I am Horny), women or worthless and cent get to the other stages of heaven. I am horny. The end.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Part one catch up in Maryland

Video Blog By Mad Latio Studios

Queen- Bicycle Race.

Cool Universe picture/ With Planet view


I came across this And Absolutely loved it, Thought I would Share 

I may never become a cross country Bicyclist, But I still kicked ass!

As most of you know about three weeks ago I decided to take bike trip up to meet an author. Who is now what I would consider a good friend, and fun to be around. So anyways, I am taking this bike trip up to Idaho falls, Idaho.  I left out about 6 am on a Tuesday morning and began. Started by hopping on the bus lol. It did get me a little ways north before I had to start the daring journey by peddle. I got to see some beautiful things and gorgeous country side. At one point about half way to my nightly stopping point in Malad City, Idaho,  I was about to be hit by two massive ( that looked unforgiving) storm fronts that were coming together above me. Lightening is striking everywhere and  thunder rumbling behind me and wind was mother like no other! To top this situation off the highway, yes the highway, turned into gravel and littered with a massive gully that the highway, yes the highway runs through. Me setting here with the thought of, “ This isn’t a fucking highway, This is douche baggery!” …to be continued!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fuck off, its Houseless! LOL

So this has came up A LOT along my journey and I wasn’t sure how I felt about this idea, or being called such. I have now decided I am quite alright with it and I can still have a smile on my face and be as happy as I ever was. This idea of Homeless… it’s a name with a bad vibe to it for most people, it’s a terrible thing and to end up that way you MUST abuse substances. Well granted there are people out there who have ended up on the streets for this and people who have ended up on the streets for other reasons (economy just might be shit, Just say’n) and there are the ones who have ended up as such, well, by choice. I know for people the idea of CHOOSING to be this so called “homeless” is crazy, over the top, this person MUST be committed for their own good. Someone who would choose to live in tune with nature and out of the rat race of, to be honest is stupid and pointless in my view, why is this so bad?

Come party with the Wondering fool