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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buzz Buzz Imma Bee! I will pump my bee juice in you!

As most of you know at this point I have been in Idaho falls, well, near Idaho falls. We’ve been camping in Kelly Canyon near Idaho falls area. My friend Janet and I have been here for nearly a week at this point camping out in this I have to say pretty kick ass spot. Perfect view for sun rise and just over the hill perfect for sun set. Can’t ask for anything better! Not only that access is rather easy, but still very quiet. Plus the area was already clear. So can’t go wrong here! There is however one flaw, there’s not toilet seat! Sigh

We have got the tent area set up just right and fire pit already constructed (with a few tweeks) and we ourselves built a little shelter out of pine branches to chill under when it is really hot out! Another words for a crazy guy like me, well I could live here. Well I would prefer a little cabin and I would be good to go!

Since we have been here we have been hiking  a couple of times. One of those times we were walking over a pile of old dry wood. (great idea eh?)Photobucket
This is where the unthinkable happened! Que serious background music! We disturbed a bee’s nest! OMG AAHHHH! The plus side was they had settled for the night, it was in the midst of twilight and as anyone with a brain of some sort knows bees like to sleep early, for they like to be up at the ass crack of dawn to annoy the piss out of anyone who can hear them. Yes, that my friends is the real and ONLY reason they want to get up that early, so they have all waking hours to try and piss something off! Okay, Back on topic. Luckily for us they weren’t already swarming, for like I said they were asleep. I am behind Janet on this hike and Happen hear a very loud buzzing look over and OH SHIT! I yell RUN. She doesn’t think twice, takes off, as do I. I get away scott free. She got away for MAJOR woundage! Two whole bee stings! Okay, okay. Not major, But not pleasant. Getting stung isn’t like sex here, it hurts. They are creating a hole ( not using one that’s already there) to put their mean bee juice in you!

Then a couple days later we came across the fact that there is an underground bees nest right near camp that we have moved pasted and around many times. But now we are all nervous and quite haven’t decided how to remove these demonic creatures! Well, demonic is a strong word. But  creatures that don’t like us to bug them… haha, bug. Get it! Funny they don’t like us to bug them because I have came to a revelation about them. We are just like them. People I mean. (just thought I would specify)

Look at the similarities, Like them we work and work and work. And for what? To hand it to the “rulers”. We work like drones and think nothing else of life besides work and that’s all. Then if something bothers our own little colony and ATTACK , get pissed off, ATTACK SOME More, then rebuild and go back to working.  So the statement rat race is officially changed to Bee race and I still wont play along!


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