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Monday, August 15, 2011

I may never become a cross country Bicyclist, But I still kicked ass!

As most of you know about three weeks ago I decided to take bike trip up to meet an author. Who is now what I would consider a good friend, and fun to be around. So anyways, I am taking this bike trip up to Idaho falls, Idaho.  I left out about 6 am on a Tuesday morning and began. Started by hopping on the bus lol. It did get me a little ways north before I had to start the daring journey by peddle. I got to see some beautiful things and gorgeous country side. At one point about half way to my nightly stopping point in Malad City, Idaho,  I was about to be hit by two massive ( that looked unforgiving) storm fronts that were coming together above me. Lightening is striking everywhere and  thunder rumbling behind me and wind was mother like no other! To top this situation off the highway, yes the highway, turned into gravel and littered with a massive gully that the highway, yes the highway runs through. Me setting here with the thought of, “ This isn’t a fucking highway, This is douche baggery!” …to be continued!

…A paragraph down! So here I am in the small gap between death storms, and on the dumbest excuse for a highway in the world on a fucking bike! AH HELL! So I pull out the trusty phone, cut it on…and wait…and wait…and damnit! Does this phone ever log in…love you phone. Pull up my map… and wait…and wait…anyways you get the point. Pulls up, and I see a savior! A beautiful beacon of light, a uplifting place of life! A GAS STATION! All I have to do is Bike through this storm that has cause a sand storm in the road that leads to this place of worship! (so many terribly dirty thoughts cross my mind with that). I begin the dangerous jont to the station of life, having to keep my eyes peeled for cars and I don know cows or something. I finally get there after a million years in this dust storm… ya know if I can exaggerate this makes you wander how Moses exaggerated 40 years. Or Noah 40 days and 40 nights…. Hmmm.

Anyways, so I get there I go to the clerk and I’m like hey so yeah biking plus storm equals death, I am staying here…. They didn’t argue with my logic.  Lucky for me, it was trucker stop where they had a lounge unused and no truckers! Yay! I took a nap.  When I came to the storms has passed, well they came together and blew over the mountain. So I got back on the road. I higher spirits than ever! We feeling good, full on water, had food in my belly. Was one Happy Bastard! I get back on the road I need to be on. And I ride what seems like forever again. Mainly because This road is ¼ of the trip itself. I just keeps going, and the whole time I can just think, “WTF IS THIS SHIT.” I means this isn’t ever pretty country side, well it is, But it’s the same country side the entire length of the road, because its just flat. I even saw the same mountain like the entire part of this trip. I finally am coming  into Malad city, Idaho. I am exhausted, sore and just wanting to set down, eat and sleep.  I find food, set down and look to see how much farther I have to go. I am only half way. Being where I was, I wasn’t in the mood to see I still had 110 miles or so to go. Period. I cry some. Then the most amazing thing happens! Absolutely specialness ever! Janet ( the friend/author) text me. See where I am. I tell her. She offers to drive down and get me from that point. I give the only answer a proud individual would give in this moment…YES. I am a proud person, but put my in pain, give me sleepiness and non stupidity.. There you go. So I find sleeping place… I camped in the local park…that’s totally legal LoL. Woke up, listened to the birds, fell back asleep. Infact I slept another hour, when some not so friendly lady cute the sprinklers on and faced them toward me.. Bitch, lol.

So this is the day I make it to Idaho Falls, Idaho. More to come. Much more to share. I will be typing out more.

Moral of this story is. Hey you might hurt after words and you may cry some. Its worth it, don’t be a pansy.


The Wonderer aka Zachy

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