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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fuck off, its Houseless! LOL

So this has came up A LOT along my journey and I wasn’t sure how I felt about this idea, or being called such. I have now decided I am quite alright with it and I can still have a smile on my face and be as happy as I ever was. This idea of Homeless… it’s a name with a bad vibe to it for most people, it’s a terrible thing and to end up that way you MUST abuse substances. Well granted there are people out there who have ended up on the streets for this and people who have ended up on the streets for other reasons (economy just might be shit, Just say’n) and there are the ones who have ended up as such, well, by choice. I know for people the idea of CHOOSING to be this so called “homeless” is crazy, over the top, this person MUST be committed for their own good. Someone who would choose to live in tune with nature and out of the rat race of, to be honest is stupid and pointless in my view, why is this so bad?

For a long time, and still do for it is true, I have continued to tell people that I’m not homeless, I have homes on the east coast. Yes these are true, and at the same time kind of false. I have chosen to not stay in these places because I want to experience a different walk of life than what I was running miserably through. I have essentially chosen this worlds definition of “homeless” and amazingly, I am perfectly fine with this choice. This does NOT have to make sense to everyone, for this is my decision, experience and my life. I do not need to explain my choices. And that is quite alright! Not because I want to be an asshole, but for you will not understand unless you have yourself daydreamed about simplicity. Maybe fantasized about living off the normal grid, and been able to live at your own pace.
To Just let it all go and GO. I cannot make anyone see my point of view. Nor do I want to beat it into anybody’s mind. That is not my mission and I know this, my mission is simply for me to experience what I myself have dreamed of! My American dream my friends. I am not here to get you to want to backpack the US, or to get you to follow whatever your “American dream”, I am not that attached to the outcome of it.

Ok back on topic, HOMELESS. So if home is where the heart is then technically I am not even homeless. My love for self and nature has been with me the entire time. My heart is with me wherever I maybe (including in now what I will refer to our gysie camp). I am houseless, but homeless I am not. However, call it what you will. Until you experience these things for yourself, then your judgment on this does not effect me. I love you all. Your Houseless friend
The Wonderer

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