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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Religion, Idaho Falls

In Idaho falls, Idaho there are certain things you find. First thing, a man made water fall. Beautiful water fall it is.  The next thing you will find In the small potato town is not potatoes! But you will find Plenty of Mormons. This here is where I learned about Joseph Smith, A second time. Funny enough it was a different story. One that made more sense to me, and didn’t feel like details were missing. Mr. Joseph Smith’s ,the founder of this Fine religion ( that reminds me a lot of southern Baptist), story goes like this.. In my words. Hi I am Joe, I live in New York. I am a free mason. They don’t like us. I decide to make my own religion. I call Moromism. We have many wives (because I am Horny), women or worthless and cent get to the other stages of heaven. I am horny. The end.

I pick at it ,yes. respect the people who truly believe in this religion ,yes. Agree with it, no. I actually met quite a few very nice Mormon people and I am glad I have, they were welcoming and soft spoken. Though admittedly I had much more fun in the non mormon world. I learned about all kinds of things that I have known for years, not studied much but had great interest in.  Like, I know my galactic chart now! I am Pliedian, I have connections to galactic center, and just all around awesome as far as the universe is concerned. I learned a lot about Metaphysical meanings of rocks, what they do and how they help us. I got to hold a crystal from the bottom of a lake in idk where, that had made its way to the top of the Gysa Pyramids. Met Many, many cool people with amazing talents. I got to experience a world I have been in for a long time, but known no body in. It made me superbly happy!

And if you didn’t know, you can go to sams club with out a card, go to the café and get a hotdog combo for 1.50... We did that many times and people watched. Where have all the happy people gone?

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