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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Joys of Second Calls

Observing my dogs last late afternoon, I amused how they only came after the second call. Usually being a bit annoyed by this and not really understanding why they did it, or why I was annoyed.. As I called for them this time I watched their actions just after I called the first time. They would perk up and hear me, and then begin to sniff where they were. I realized they were taking till the next call to take in whatever adventure they were just on, whatever experience they were having that moment. As if to take in the joy and smells of that moment.
 On second call, as always, they came running, with faces full of joy.
Clearly this only being my perception of what is going on, I enjoy this. As a child I remember always waiting second call, not to lolly gag, but to recall the joy of that moment. With this, I find why I would be annoyed by it, I have forgotten the joy of second calls. 
This flooded me with all the joys I found before second call, and reminds me to enjoy second calls.

Remember the joy of second call...

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