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Monday, July 18, 2011

Leap Of faith!

I was wondering, who reading this has ever taken a leap of faith and just gone for something? I mean you would think after leaving home to follow a dream of backpacking the world, start in my own backyard…the USA, I would be able to just say hell lets go for it. Well I am here to tell you I can still be quite the chicken shit! Yes that’s right, I admit it. I, Zachary W. Adams, hereby declare I am still quite the chicken shit! Haha and I love it! So as some of you I am sure have read I have been thinking about traveling to Idaho Falls, Idaho. Where I will get the chance to meet an author. Not just any author, one who has been working on a book call “Young Bodies, Old souls.” It’s a two volume series, maybe more who knows,  about raising your kids in the truth and with the idea that just because they are children doesn’t mean they don’t have old souls and that in reality they are as smart as you or I. So to raise them in the truth of things and basically with a lot of the beliefs I have. I am excited to read the books when they come out. If you would  like to know more you can find her on face book. Search for the book title and there you are.

  Anyways, back to the topic. So I was looking for buses, trains, planes, Automobiles. Whatever way I could. I came up with quick to bike up there and with in minutes aquired (yes that’s not spelled right and I don’t care to change it) a bike. Then found out about a bus system that runs between. However when the bus idea fell through, the little defeatest attitude kicked in and I Zach Adams, the wonderer (for god sake) decided not to go. What a Pansy LOL. So I laid down for the night, to sleep and regroup plans to Reno, Nv. Which will happen, no doubt.  But I could not sleep! Love that when you’re about to doze off into a beauteous dream land of candy and coffee and BAM. I was seeing the biking trip to Idaho Falls. Funny that the original idea was the best one eh?  So though slightly annoyed admittedly that I couldn’t sleep then, I was so excited about this trip.

  I let is play out, and tried to sleep. Well that didn’t work, because I wasn’t giving it the needed look
at. Was still not going. Humph! Lol, So I finally set up and began to plan it. Even though there desert and mountains and dryness. A 19 hour bike ride and sure to be soreness, I am doing this. I have came this far from home and letting a measly 225 miles stop me from making a trip. Someone slap me lol.

That’s all for now. Will update about the trip up there and back on Bike.  Talk to you all soon

Love and Light
The Wonderer

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's time to live

Hello my lovely dears. For this blogg  I don’t have inquisitive thoughts, or perilous adventure to share. I don’t have stories of bears and mountain lions. Or thoughts to get you to make an adventure like this. I see from talking to people, most have always wanted to do something like this, but afraid of it. All I have to say to that is stop being scared. If there’s something you truly want all the universe with conspire to help you achieve your dream! You will have test and trials along the way. But think how beautiful those are.  It adds that’s excitement and makes the adventure that much more memorable. It makes you love those moments when it seems so perfect more delicious. It makes you realize that even those moments are perfect. It gives you an AMAZING opportunity to grow and see how strong and enduring you are. To become a better person.

Anyways, I have been in Salt lake city. After being stuck in Grand Junction, CO… Where my train was 10 hours late. And 11.5 hours lake to salt lake lol.  I have received substantial compensation from said train experience and I have no complaints for such. Things happen and they are good people to make it up to their passengers who call in with complaint.  I have been grouchy most of today, we all have those days. And they are awesome. It is interesting how one can go from grumpy to happy in a just a few short minutes. However, I am setting in a coffee shop listening to music and just can’t stop smiling at this point. I am happy. I have been thinking a lot about this trip am taking. Theres so many things that I have learned along the way, and experienced.  Saw so many things and let go of so much more.

I have saw many, many ways live and got to share my way of life with so many. One of my greatest lessons. Something I have known, but will continue to learned and experience is if I want something bad enough, it will be there. I have admittedly will say if you trly wanted something bad enough, you will do work for it. However it wont seem like work. You will enjoy working towards what you want. Because that’s the beauty of it. How can you appreciate something just handed to you?  In my experience, you wont. Also if you don’t truly want it, you wont appreciate it either, weather you worked towards it or not.

Don’t take my word for any of this however, go experience it for yourself. Stop living vicariously through other. Live you own life exactly how you want to live it. Live it to the max, and live it in your truth.  It doesn’t matter what you’re wanting out of life. Just go for it. If you find that what you’re going for isn’t what you want. Then Change it! If you do something that is representing who you truly are, then find what does  and right your ways of doing them. Don’t judge what you were doing, it isn’t a mistake its an experience. You tried it and learned it wasn’t for you. Doesn’t mean its wrong though. Because it was perfect for you. To learn that it wasn’t for you. To experience life in a different way than what fit you.

I guess it became inquisitive. But here we are Enjoy My friend, My Lights, My Dear ones. My loves.
You’re all amazing and beautiful. I would not ask for you to be any different. As far as I am concerned you’re all perfect. I love you All!

Zachy aka The Wonderer

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