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Monday, August 27, 2012

Those Dark hallways

Admittedly, Up until my last blog post I was feeling completely stuck and like I have been wasting precious time doing nothing in NC. However, after typing that and reflecting on other things I have learned since I returned to my home town here in NC.  I felt as if I had put myself in situation for no reason other than to feel stuck. Have been feeling like a fool for doing so. In fact, I have realized it takes more for me to stay stationary than the move around and travel. How ridiculous is that?
I have been pressured over and over to get a job, have been ridiculed for being a hippie and called a bum.  Every time I’ve turned around I am being called a witch for having a way with animals and getting anything to grow from nothing.  I have realized how much money it takes to truly get off of the grid… Am I the only one who thinks that is the dumbest thing? It takes a lot of money to be free from money.  And then in this society you’re never truly free from money.  There are still property taxes, and a few odds and ends that you need.  Still haven’t found a suitable toilet paper solution lol.
Anyways, the point being, I have let my fears over whelm my desires. I have become stuck in ways of thought and fear. I have allowed myself to begin to be sucked into other people’s ways of thought of fear of my own ways.   I have lost track of something, and I am not sure what.  I am determined still to have my dreams become my reality, however I have closed many doors to those dreams myself in the recent months passed.  I know that they are still there and waiting for me. But, I am afraid.  For a while I felt like I had lost those dreams to my own fear, I realized after my last blog that they hadn’t gone anywhere. I was learning many lessons here and healing wounds I have caused. 
I saw the hallway I have been standing in light up, it was no longer dark, I could see I was not alone. In fact I can now see all the people in my life and can see their true feelings and desires, not the egoic responses I get. I can see I am being rooted on to take life by the balls and hold on for a wild ride.  And I can see all of those doorways.  My fear showed me the wild ride to be the angry bull I was climbing on, but now I see that it’s not at all! It’s a raft in my river of life. I know there will be bumps and turns, and I know I will fall out in to the rapids on occasion. But my raft buddies, They will never let me drown, picking and teasing me ensue once lives are rescued from the rapids, But it’s in all good fun.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I maybe the Crazy Aunt!!

So it has been a while since I have updated this. As most of you know I have been stationary in NC for a while, on the family farm. Of which I would love to get up and going again and build a self sufficient spiritual community. This would be a place for people to be able to come and live simply and become in touch with their inner selves, however that maybe for them, or however long. As of now, everything seems to be on hold. I realize this really is of my own doing and my own fears. I am scared of what the family will think when it’s actually going, and if it will truly take off. Lol, I love deep rooted feelings and such, they tend to make random appearances. No matter much you work on them and think you have removed them they pop back up, Like the aunt that wears to much perfume and pinches your cheeks (let’s be honest though, few people have that aunt, but many know her)
… Come to think of it I am kind of that Aunt, Except usually more natural body smell and instead of pinching your cheeks I tickle you and knock you in the head in a impromptu pillow fight… with couch cushions… So maybe I’m the crazy fun uncle who is married to the dreaded aunt… Though I feel I over though that entire thing, and plan to leave the whole babble intact… Good luck deciphering! Though Plans seem to be on hold, the plans I’ve had are refining themselves into legit working plans and aren’t half cocked retarded crap I guess. So instead of taking a canoe down a rocky hill side, I am taking a canoe down a rocky hillside, WITH a helmet. So, I have begun to realize other potentials of the land and such that I plan to use. Ways in which to generate money. Let’s be honest, going off grid costs quite a bit of money… Yes I know… That sounds retarded… because it is… Yet Sadly, the truth. On a brighter note, I, along with my sister, have grown and harvested our first successful garden this year. And I, Zachary W. Adams, your very own Wonderer and mastermind philosopher, slash, awesomest man alive, has learned the art of canning foods.
 I have never in my life been so excited to read a manual as I was my pressure cooker manual.. But Alas, I raved to anyone who would listen for days about the recipes and how easy this stuff sounded. Apparently canning isn’t a big topic of conversation, who knew? Also, I am Building a green house to be able to grow foods in the winter! I am so excited about that, I have the land cleared for it and I am just waiting for.. well I am not really sure what I am waiting for. But I am! On top on that, This guy right here knows how, now, to not wreck a tractor.
And to not run over invisibly hornet’s nest with them. I got lucky I ran over that beast and didn’t get stung once. According to the family I must be a witch for that. As well as, being able to harvest nearly 100 ears of corn from two rows of struggling corn stalks, getting dogs to do what I say and not catching colds I say I refuse to catch. I guess I’m a magical beast too! Besides learning to grown and harvest my own foods now, I am about to venture, with the family , into raising cattle and chickens. I want a milk cow, which apparently is funny to them, I guess I will find out why. As well as going to be going on an adventure with my grandfather and dad to learn about about local medicinal herbs and plants. As well as gather them for use.. I recently tried a couple for a sinus infection and a stomach yuck. Two teas two days. Each tea only took a few minutes to clear the problems.. So when I get a chance, I will be putting up a list of herbs and plants and what they are good for. I am excited. How awesome is this. I feel so much more connected to Mother earth… Oh and western Medicine….So you do work I will give you that, But until the day you can clear a sinus infection in 15 minutes, eat it. :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It seems so long now, that the tears ran like rivers

Seems many years ago now, but I guess not so many. Maybe because since then though life yes has been a whirl wind, it has been full and adventurous. A life time of amazement, in a short period of time. I laid in an apartment floor on a cold winter evening. Crying. Another panic attack taken a hold of me.  Fighting for meditation I had been learning to control this problem.  I had came across the idea only days, maybe weeks, who knows, before from my roommate who so bluntly offered me the advice to learn the art of meditation, or said more like this, "Dude, you need to learn to meditate." Was left just like that, like a major cliff hanger to a movie, no advice on how to do it or where to start. To just start.

This at the time seemed cruel and more of a joke than anything, but alas what did I have to Lose? My sanity? HAHA, well yes, that is gone. But was going anyways from the tormented nights of tears and the days of chewing over every detail of my life until that moment. Beating myself up for all the wrongs I had done and judging the wrong other had. I was mad at my roommate for a couple of days honestly. I felt like I had been handed an amazing option, locked in a glass case. So I researched it, Learned what I could about it. Finally Tried it. Anyways, back on topic.  I hadn't became strong n the art, and was not sure how to get into a calm meditative state to calm this attack yet.

I lay there shaking, begging for this to just stop. I just wanted it to end, to be better, to not have to go any further. I begged a god I had stopped believing in long before. Ironic where we turn when we are at our supposed weakest huh? I didn't want to believe in this god who created me the way I was to HATE me, to PUNISH me with a life I felt then was terrible. I did not want to believe in such a cruel god, and awful vengeful man who treated us like ants under a magnifying glass! But I turn to beg his help in my weakest hour.

The tears stream down, my mind racing with all of my wrongs, the hate and contempt for myself that filled me. The floor at this point had became my friend in these moments, its aged carpet and worn out padding held me, cushioned me and did not offer the potential of falling like my bed did. The floor helped slowly sooth me back to calmness, the coolness from his lack of insulation calmed my body into comatose and allowed me to rest my head for a nap once the shaking retreated for a few more hours, or a day with luck. I lay here on my old friend, ungrateful of his sacrifice to my aid, finally calming and not effected by the coldness of the floor or the air surrounding me. Almost as if I have had a blanket laid over me to protect me from the bitter cold.

An invisible blanket placed upon my being by an unseen force. It brought me into a state of peace. Relaxation.   I no longer feel alone at this point, for I am no longer alone. The need to judge my past is subsided, and the future feels unimportant. I close my eyes, and feel the words to calm, for I am safe. That it will be alright, because I am protected and taken care of. A feeling of pure unconditional love pours over me like a warm bath. I know god in this moment. And this IS NOT the god I was told about. This MY god. I have, since then held onto this peace. But not the story. Not until of recent. A singer we all know, and that I enjoy very much. Taylor Swift, has sang the words so perfectly that I felt this day, the one that feels so long ago now. Safe and sound.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My mind is enwrapped in many thoughts tonight, my emotions are stable. The silence is peaceful and intoxicating, yet maddening and loud at the same moment. All the seconds seem like minutes and the minutes hours. But when I look down for the time, I can only wonder where it has gone. Where does it go? The conclusion is the light ache from my side or swimming of thoughts through my mind to my eyes. Thoughts of the farm, the work I need to accomplish, my travels (or lack there of), the twin bed that calls my name as it taunts at the fact the single is the state I am meant for now. The peace that brings and the desire for otherwise. A deep sigh, a slight ache and a smile. Time for sleep, Time for meditation. Here is my God, In the fabric of every detail. Hello. 

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