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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts on Death By the Wonderer

I do have more about yellow stone, however, this will just have to be in the middle.

So I have been putting some thought into a topic people either avoid, ignore or only pay attention to. I have been thinking about death. Not contemplating it for myself or towards others. The idea within itself. This year for many people have involved quite a bit of death. Either people you know or people you know are going through it, though seems that it has been elevated. So here we are in the midst of something going on with losing a lot of people. A lot of tears have been shed, feeling of loss…..Here’s where it could get controversial for some. If so just remember this is my opinion and it is not intended to anger you. 
 Why is it we look at it as such a bad thing? In most religions this is the time where the soul goes to heaven (or so is said when said person is in the box). It is the chance to go to a new experience, or reincarnate. For science ( if we would allow the natural process) the break down of the body that is created of energy (which is neither created or destroyed) is transferred to another object. So technically said person either way isn’t not gone. 

But this isn’t even my point, simply leads to it. We view death as this terrible thing, where we are obligated to be sad and shed tears. Hug family and reconnect with them over shared happy memories with dead guy… at this point if I seem insensitive, then simply stop reading and move forward, Thanks. I am just confused, why is it so bad? I mean If you really look at it, most people live their lives in misery in hopes to reach a heaven where you bow and praise a man for eternity. Point being life here was not happy for many, hell I would venture the say 95% of the world is NOT HAPPY, they are Miserable! So wouldn’t it be a blessing to not have to be here anymore? DO NOT get me wrong, I do not condone pussying out and offing yourself. 

However isn’t it time we stop doing this shit backwards and be happy for them. All we are doing with the funeral crap is feeling bad for ourselves. “I didn’t spend enough time with them”, “How will i move on with out them”; “They wont get to see the grandkids grow up, the kids will never know how great a person they were.” or “Why would you leave us so soon, how selfish can you be.” 

Does no body see what’s wrong there? How about “ You were an amazing person, we love you and happy you get to experience something new!” ,  “ I am glad you get to go to see new things, How awesome for you!” or  “ You’re missed, But it great that you’re moving forward.”

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