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Friday, August 19, 2011

Yellow Stone Part 2 UFO

I cannot say I feel like things are always as they seem, Sometimes I feel like we are all being tricked in this plane of existence that things are just how we see them, or is it where the planes of existence converge and were not ready to see those things. Well most people aren’t ready to accept them as they are for real. Maybe it is like were all living out lives and then people throw in a random play or skit that we just don’t realize isn’t really real, but only a mirage to hide the truth from us. To fool us into believing things are just as they are, and that’s all, nothing more, nothing deeper with more meaning and more life than we allow ourselves to see.

This is how I felt many times as we drove through and visited multiple places in this Nation park of Yellow Stone. All of its beauty and peacefulness. The wildlife and the tourist who aren’t the wiser to my feeling of wandering through a beautifully laid out set sectioned off from reality to show a beautiful side of our reality. To show us how peaceful and safe we all are.. Interesting the place chosen of this is a highly volcanic area that is overdue. Maybe that’s why is felt false. A false sense of safety with in one of the most dangerous areas in the world. Maybe my feeling of there was more there than appears before out eyes. Who knows which.

How ever interesting situation that happened as we were leaving. I was in the back in a meditative state, off in my own little world. Having a great time. And BAM breaks, we come to a complete stop in the road. I come to, to hear a conversation of the star in the sunset. A very bright star right in the line a the sunset. Luckily we have binoculars with us. I grab them take a look, and come to the conclusion that it (even though the tail of it is in a v and not a straight line) that it is nothing more than a jet. So my friend Maya grabs the binoculars from me and looks, She watches this jet split into three objects, hands the binoculars back to me for me to look. Sure as shit its three different objects all flying together. HOLY BALLS YO! We all Gander at this object for a while. People stop to ask us what were staring at. We say a strange object in the sky. They, without a thought, just move on. We continue to look to try and figure it out. At this point it have gotten large enough in the sky to attempt a picture. Also notice the flight pattern is no a straight line. Our final conclusion is, well, UFO. Unidentified Flying Object. That’s one creative answer! So here’s the photo, its not very clear because we had to zoom in all the way. Take what you will from it.

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