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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dumbass in the Lions Den

So with in the past few months there has been a story that was on the news in the Utah area about a group of mormon missionaries who took their mission trip to some where in South America. In this News report there was (obviously, being the news and all) a slight problem. The group had taken a lively after noon to go to the Zoo. In this Zoo there were lions. But to get a good picture, as any dumbass would tell you, you have to climb up on the cement walk of the den to get a promising photo. Only this time ( like anytime a fuck tard climbs with in feet of hungry lions) the lions attacked, Pulling the young hero into the den as a snack for all the little lion friends. OOOHHH NOOOO! Luckily for our young idiot, he knew how to punch. He began heroically fighting the Lions off! Which his trusty side kick ( and possibly lover) grabbed a pole near by and started fighting them off from the wall…Any body else see the humor in this… the wall the first guy is pulled in off of the other one stands on.. If not you’re dumb too, and keep reading. You may find another funny part. The lady missionaries who were on this trip became distraught and to help to dangerous cause of their fellow brothers in need of help ( mentally and physically), began to pray to help out…Jesus, what do they say if he dies? It was Gods will? And if he live, God must have been the hero here, and not the villain like if he dies. Anyways, I am pretty sure they lived. So. GO GOD, You rock My Socks off! If not, Well God had a better use for him. Either way this story will go into the book of moron, I I mean Mormon! Heroic guy, In a lions Den…. Damn that sounds like Daniel in the Lions den!… More like dumbass in the lions den!

Attached is the actual article:
Utah Mormon missionary attacked by lions in Guatemala

There’s a Video Too!

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