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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I think Aliens Like French Fries... Like Birds

I think there is more to this area than potatoes! I have been here for a while (altogether time) and since I have arrived, there have been multiple sittings. Ufo I mean, ya know Unidentified Flying Object! So either our military is still douche Canoes (obviously) and are up to something, or Peoples for other planets really like French fries!

This is a short entry Btw, So read slowly. You may miss details that I didn’t post! The other night we are setting in camp. The fire is rather small, for we didn’t care to build a large one, and were looking up into the sky. If you’ve never been somewhere, where just looking into the night sky is possible with out any lights, you should try it. Talk about something incomparably beautiful and mysterious. Anywho, so we happen to notice this super bright “star” in the horizon of the Mountains that happen to not be there the night before. We had extensive conversation on this topic before we ventured further into what it could be. So we continue to watch this random and really bright dot for a while. It moved up into the sky it moved right, then back left. It got dim and then brightened. These movements continued for a long time, which is super exiting! Finally after what felt like around an hour or around about. The light moved away from us and dimmed into the cloud. Then came back out for a few more minutes before going away for the rest of the time we watched. We did get video of this, and you can judge it for yourself . That’s all I have to say.

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