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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey Moron It's and Oxymoron! Hey moron it's a Road!

I would like to update my peeps. So as you know I was in Salt lake Vagina. Which well I am not a huge fan of, period. Don’t listen to me and say of well fuck that, I’m not going to mormon land! You may like it. Or you could think like me and think it is nothing more than a ridiculous amount of douche canoeing. But that’s my feelings on it. So, I left SLC or SLV as I lovingly call it! I made it back to Idaho Falls, via a ride who apparently only like their own voice.  I mean to the point in a 3 hour drive I was asked one question and within 30 seconds I was cut off so they could continue hearing their own voice babble things that made no sense to me, especially since what this individual kept talking about was the same things over and over and when I actually tried engaging in the conversation I had explained why the roads were the way they were through the knowledge I had gained. Granted I may not have it completely right. However their theory on why the road had notches cut into it was to help with water flow away from the grass. V\PhotobucketI mean when they are paving the road it would not make sense, my idea I mean the grooves would not be cut simply to help bind the old road to the new one they are paving on top of it. The water flow away from the grass is the perfect idea. But you know what, this is to damn funny. I am listening to this conversation I am not part of and just thinking, I don’t give a fuck about the road. Nor did I give a damn why he thought energy healing wouldn’t work for him ( mainly because I have no idea anything about that, BWAHAHAHAHA). Basically, I could have been annoyed this whole ride, but I just didn’t give a shit.

So here I am in Idaho again, we are camping a lot which I am really enjoying.Photobucket I feel like I am reconnecting to something I have been missing this entire time, and really figuring out what I want in my life. Something that I have been craving. Simplicity. Instead of filling life with all this bullshit I don’t care about ( including bad road talk about, well, the road) and many other things. I started this trip obviously with this idea and lost it at some point. For, honestly, buying into the things that we have created in this world ARE easily bought into. Not because it’s what I crave, but because it SEEMS easy. It SEEMS simple to just cut on the tv and lay covered up in the air conditioning. (oxymoronic actually).Photobucket It’s something I have become accustomed to, we all have. We have worked so hard to make like simpler than it was, and somehow lost ourselves along the way. Or we just checked out when we began to buy into these things. Not that I can blame us for checking out when we would rather watch a ridiculous film about a girl who is a secret princess (that’s the movie playing at the café I am setting at), or when we would rather put in head phones and listen to really loud music when we take a walk in nature. (oxymoronic) (again).

This comes down to this, recent events have made me start to realize these things I crave in my life and tings I do not crave in my life. Made me realize the reality we’ve constructed out of legos for ourselves is completely oxyMORONIC!


Zachy, The Wonderer, TreeHugger!



Travis said...

Personally I think your theory about the roads makes sense. ;)

And yeah, sometimes people are only open to being listened too.


The Wonderer said...

haha Thanks! I figured mine made more sense. However, I just allowed him to live in his illusion. Most of the trip I just laughed to myself. It is quite alright. I had a Ride to where I needed to get to!

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