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Friday, September 2, 2011

About to have my first experience with a sacred pipe ceremony

As facebook peeps are figuring out I am, tonight, going to a sacred pipe ceremony. Which I am very excited for!  I have been studying up on this (as you can read) and am trying to know things before I get there. Which as we all know. Knowing something and experiencing them are two different things. Who knows... I mean I did see me meeting a Shaman in meditation and he/she gave me wise information.

So what I know this far is this is like a childs pinky promise in a way. Once you have made a promise or given your word and you smoke the sacred pipe it is unthinkable to go back on your word. The symbolism of the Smoking itself is to pull in from the ground (tobacco) and the release into the universe (to the gods). Helps to pull in the wisdom and Send out your prays, so that you're blessed.... pretty cool huh?

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