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Thursday, September 15, 2011

They Great Bee Proverbs By The Wonderer

          Cooking With Honey

Recently I found myself in the kitchen cooking, The windows were open because the weather is beyond amazing here right now. Whatever it was I was cook apparently attracted a few bees into the windows. I hadn't noticed them at first because they hung out at the windows in a panic to get out. It wasn't until I began clean up very shortly after that I noticed them. Flying into the window and not realizing they had to back up and fly downwards to get out. I will be honest, for a few minutes I watched them, amused by the struggle. Not because I wanted to see their demise, but because the symbolism in the situation was greatly true and fitting to the way things are working out.

 The symbologism I speak of the this, there were three bee's fly in the window in hopes of getting something that smelled sweet and delicious to them. Quickly realizing the situation was not what they had wanted and wanting out as fast at their little wings could fly them in.  Instead of any of them taking the time to realize they had to backtrack to get out, they all began to fly into the window beating their tiny heads against it in a panic for survival. They all three continued to cause the same pattern for quite a while. Finally one of them stopped and realized that to go just a little backwards they could  come past the window frame and fly out. This they did and was free from death. One down two to go!

Bee two needed a little help to see this. I reached up and rolled the window out a bit more thinking they would both figure it out. This time bee two figured out that you need to go backwards to go forwards and was saved from what I am sure it thought was to be a sure death! Bee three, left alone, not able to figure out the secret. 

This one just was not getting the action he needed to take at all. I had to really step in for this one and actually push him out of the window to save his life. 

Here is the great analogy from this 2 of three people Will figure out the secret to truly moving forward mentally, spiritually, and in life is to step backwards and release your past to see the road to the future. The Third, if survives will need more than a small push.

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