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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Playing House

This blogg is a realization on my part, putting things together I have known and believe. These beliefs may not be your own. Take this as a Philosophy from someone whom you’ve either known or you still don’t know. I call it playing house. I was listening to a song my Jack Johnson, the name escapes me, and this just infiltrated my mind swiftly and with force. This is things I have known and followed, but until this moment I didn’t put them fully together and have a revelation to bring tears to my eyes.

Playing house

  If this reality isn’t real like we’ve been taught to believe, only an illusion we continue to hold ourselves, the we are simply playing house. Like children with their Barbie’s and G.I. Joe’s.  We are going to jobs that we have convinced ourselves that are completely important and do things we do not desire in life, in the playhouse. We have over complicated the simplicity that we truly have here. We have turned it into huge circles of fictional tv dramas and ridiculous romance novels. When children are playing house, they don’t work for what they are wanting. The Drama is removed, the jobs are gone. If they want the house they simply have it. They Dream the perfection of it and they manifest it. To people, humans, it may look like a shoe box. But to the children they see a majestic castle with everything they desire in it.  So instead of adding the extra in there for the perfection, like many have taught, If you imagine your true desires, you see their perfection, it shall manifest for you. Just how you see it. Because we step into it with the awareness we are simply playing house.

Then it makes me ask questions like, do we really need to work towards enlightenment or is it already there once we imagine it being.  Once we choose to accept it is there.  Then house, like enlightenment, once we are aware we are simply playing house, we realize the things we desire are already awaiting for OUR arrival. Once we choose to accept it.

Imagine it , Feel it , accept it, love it and that’s manifesting.

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