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Monday, September 26, 2011

Opening up!

Hi all!

Last I checked in with all of you I was feeling really alone. When I realized that not all people in my life had left, I had forgotten to open up to them.. Which means my Blood family, I had forgotten to really let them in, in a long time. From my own fears I recognized quickly. I was terrified of them not accepting me or getting it. I was afraid of many things in there. So all this time instead of letting them in to allow them the opportunity to decide for themselves how they felt about me, I was choosing for them. This wasn't a fear I was still holding on to, this was something long ago I had released, just forgot to take the steps to move forward with it. Like bringing it to their attention I had been afraid, but wasn't. That I had forgotten to tell them my thoughts and such. It's like I finally stopped judging myself long ago and forgot I was mirroring that off of them. So when I was setting here wondering why they weren't getting me and I was feeling like they had left me I had a glorious revelation that I had forgot to bring them along on the journey of my crazy life.
So being who I am, ya know amazing with words and all (

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