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Monday, September 26, 2011

Conscious Community!

Soon I will be heading back out east. Without making it to Shasta. But, that is perfectly fine to me. For I know before this project I am about to talk about I will make it out there! There is something for me at Shasta, but if I were meant to make it out there now, I would make it. So I am cool with it :-). So besides wanting to spend a year living in a Teepee (which will be an awesome experience!) I have realized more of my dreams, things I have dreamed of many times and actually been jealous of when I see other people doing something similar. There Is something called a conscious community.  The idea is of a group of people with similar beliefs and ideas coming together to live self sufficient as possible ( off the land, without money ( close to )) Raising your own food and producing your own energy and your own water. But, with the idea of nature being alive and being conscious of it, of the effect our every action has to the land and of the resources we are using. RE-learning to me grateful for it and taking care of it, giving appreciation and providing it with what I needs to continue to provide for us. 

That's my friends, You're figuring out that I want to be part of this. Not only part of one, I aspire to found one. Get it up and going and attracting the people to it. I have done much research on this and have a million idea for it in my mind. As they come up I write them down. But at times I can barely keep up with myself. Which is nothing unusual for me lol. I already know where I want this to be and its basically built in my mind. I have ideas from water wheels for power and to pump water, to hobbit housing. I have created my own idea for a Compost toilet system to take care of a small community. Really all I need is the okay from the people who own the land at the moment to do such a thing, to build the man power to begin this and to get myself more balanced and more controlled lol. I have built a holding pond in my mind an entire water system. multiple organic houses so on and so on. 

This excited me very much. 

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