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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thought on Situational Status's (negative,positive,or neutral)

What deems a something as bad, a situation or action of some sort? What makes is feel like these things are so wrong and horrible? Was it from our own experiences in life that make these things wrong, or something we were told for a long time? All situations (as long as you allow them) have a lesson of some sort behind them.. “The Moral of the Story”… Granted the situations may be tough or the actions that we have may make things rough and hard to handle. But we always walk away with a new perspective. Isn’t that a gift? The chance to learn something new? A blessing, a chance to have a new level of awareness among ones self?  Can something truly be bad if we walk away being better than we were?

If you think about it, all situations and actions are neutral. It is really how one handles the situation.. Take this example. Two people lose their jobs on the same day. One person wallows in the fact that they lost their job, they lose track of bills and fall terribly behind. Their family suffers and the strain causes more unneeded problems. Situation is unpleasant. Now take this same guy and give him realization that he has the opportunity now to find a job he truly loves, he finds said job and excels beyond his own expectations. The family comes back together as a unit and thrives. Does this situation when all said and done seem amazing. This group had the opportunity to experience something rough and difficult to handle and then to turn it around and become a stronger unit because of it. Now rewind and go back to guy number two, he automatically realizes the opportunity he is handed and runs for it full force and grows exponentially from the “negative” event of losing his job. Both Win here, and both learned amazing lessons in the process. Yes, I see that this situation could have taken another turn, where guy number one didn’t realize his lesson and continued to struggle. Ripping the family apart and destroying everything he had worked towards. However, if you take the time to reflect and learn what you can learn from the situation, how is it bad?  So really its not the actions or the situations that are bad. It is really how one handles the situation?

So then I go back and ask, So is it truly situations or actions that are bad? Or are they Neutral? Is it us to makes them negative? For isn’t each situation that presents it self to us just another door we choose to step through with grace and pride?

Just a thought….

The Wonderer.

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