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Monday, June 6, 2011

Talk About being in the Flow! Thank you Universe!

I know Sylvianne, we decided me bloggs should start with “I was wondering”, which I still love. But  I couldn’t find a way to work it into the start of this blogg. Lets see where I can fit it in.

So as most of you know, I am In Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am backpacking out here, heading north. This place, this state. I cant describe. It is amazing! The people are so truly nice, and the place its self is absolutely beautiful. I have met so many people. On the train out here I wasn’t completely sure if I would have a place to stay when I got to Co springs. Mainly because they have a no camping law recently passed due to over camping in public area’s. Which is understandable… I guess.  But in the first day, I landed a place to stay for a couple of days, a free concert, a hiking trip near Idaho springs, the best pizza I’ve ever experienced. That was just day one. Since then Just being me and able to talk to anyone I have had Multiple meals, coffees and everything else bought for me and a local Story telling. Kind of like “The Moth”, where people get on stage and tell a story about their lives unscripted. That way all the emotions and your soul is completely bared for people to experience. How amazing is that! I’ve talked to random people about everything under the sun. From guys on buses about marijuana laws, to older ladies who don’t like that there are cameras on all the street lamps. This conversation takes placed with me putzing down the street, she walks up to me and goes, I SHIT YOU NOT, “ There’s a sign on the post over there that says video monitored by home land security. Doesn’t that make you want to rip your clothes of and do this?” proceeds to make random poses in the sidewalk and says, “Fuck yeah” and walks off! I met a guy in a coffee shop who just moved here and is start his own radio station to combine hip hop, r&b and outdoors. Many other people just random stories about their lives, what they are doing, where they come from and why they are here. Amazing people, just simply amazing.

Spent a little time in Denver on my layover, Beautiful city. 16th street mall is sweet. Spent a long time in the book stores, and taking pictures of statues. Also talked a to guy who was working with the Green peace. As were talking and hes giving me stickers, because I love stickers, his papers and everything blow off! He’s embarrassed, but it was pretty awesome it happened. In the process of collecting them a group of girls came up and helped get them and one of them loved the info and wanted to get involved in some way.  The power of Sprit!

Here we go Sylvianne!  So I was wondering, who reading this has ever just let go and went with the flow. Let God or Spirit or Universe take over and just went with it?  If so far this hasn’t proved that with allowing it to all go and allow you Higher self to guide you and all will work out. I don’t know what does? On the train here, I had NO idea what was going to happen, No place to sleep, nothing planned to do besides walk. And wondering if I would even meet anyone. As soon as  I got here, I had a place to sleep, I had plans, I was meeting people left and right, and even food was taken care of among other things I asked Universe for. I mean I stopped worrying and just went with it. Something told me Sunday was the right day for start backpacking north. It was, I have a place to stay for tonight because of it and My host who I was staying with had a couple of couch surfers coming in. It has all landed perfectly. Also a place to do laundry free.. Score! Oh I forgot in Denver I was walking down the street and someone was handing out All natural laundry detergent. So that was taken care of as well. There’s enough there for  a few loads. And I managed to get food to carry with me when I am backpacking for free today. Amazing. I let go, completely went with the flow and Spirit has NOT let me down .I Love You God

Oh and Beth I am ok

I send Light love and peace to all

The Wonderer

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