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Friday, June 24, 2011

Just a catch up.... and strange events!

Have things turned around, I needed that rest in Fort Collins. I needed to meditate a lot, realign myself and get balanced. Things have turned around completely. I am no longer broke, I have a better set plan and I know that no matter what, things will always work out. After getting myself in a better position (mentally anyways) I came back to Denver to give it another shot. I lost my camera in the process, but we will get to that.  Made enough money to get me through quite a while, have atleast the next week laid out for me. I love my life. I love the fact I know I am never alone. I worried and lost it all. I stopped worrying, and here we are, I have everything I need  then some. What an Amazing life. I now am in Boulder, Co. haven’t figured out the mixture of reviews. I’m not exactly impressed yet, or disappointed. Haha… according to reviews there is no in between! Yet, that’s all I am seeing lol… who knows maybe I got here to soon. We will see. Which Denver was cool, but not overly until I wandered Beyond the parts people told me were cool… Off the beaten Path my friends. Off the beaten Path. Without stress, and without worrying about what could be. Enjoying each moment as It comes. Meeting cool new people each moment, and Moving forward.

Awesome experience I would like to share though. One of the last days in Fort Collins  I walked into a local shop. In this local shop I saw a statue I about hit the floor when I came across. About 6 months ago in meditation I see a figure of two people conjoining in a certain way. They are blue. I enjoy these figures enough that I actually sketch them the best I can from memory. I walk into this shop, and there this statue sets of this figure I saw in meditation. I luckily have my sketch book with me to show that I’ve saw this with out ever seeing in person. Since them I have came across it multiple times all over the place. Not just in Fort collins… Explain that one….
  love and Light 

The wonderer

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