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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Almost time!

Couple of weeks left till the big adventure begins. Excitement is building, Nerves are kicking in. But not out of fear, out of love. Love for the good times to come, the Bad that ill will over come, for the people who support me, Love for the growing I will do and most of all for the love i have for myself to Follow one of my dreams.

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Anonymous said...

Love comes in many different shape and forms it is up to us to mold and fold and crease what love is. it is like wat i like to say " my deepest fear is my deepest love". Cause love is like a rose first it is a seed planted into the gound that with a little water, air, sun and love it will grow into something beautiful warm and loving. you dont know what color it may come out to be or if it will have thorns to protect itself from the bad but it wraps and surrounds itself with those who support and help grow into something WONDERFUL!

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