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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time to break in the details!

  As most of you have read, this blog is for inspirational purposes.  In a few short weeks, I am embarking on a journey that will take place over the next year, only taking a short hiatus during the winter months. But vagabonding is a lifestyle choice that I am ecstatic about.  Backpacking around the world is one of my biggest dreams, and I have chosen to start in the Western U.S. from Colorado and going… who knows? (more on that as it unfolds)
 For a few weeks now, I have been working on gathering the materials I need, reading up on a few things I need to know, taking advice from people I know and others (who honestly seem sketchy to me). But whatever help I can get I will take what I need from and will be extremely thankful.  In the past week I think I have built the excitement for myself to a high (until I get in to Co springs, that’s where I am starting),  I have got my hiking shoes and started breaking them in. My roommate bought me my hiking backpack ( Thank you Jeremy E. McDonald!) and the biggest thing that makes this surreal moment in my life a little more tangible, the Train ticket to Co springs, Co. I chose train because I enjoy the scenery as I travel, and honestly I’m walking the western US so it’s not like there is a huge rush on anything. That and the price for the ticket I stuck in my mind and has been for months ( idk why), so when I saw the ticket and the price I knew that was the one. I have more supplies to get, and more things to get rid of, but I am on a fast track to this and I am far passed excited! I am making my dreams come true! Where some people dream of being rich, and some people’s families dream that for them (mine), I dream of being a world traveler.

The trip itself is going to be more than me walking around the World with a few clothes, a bag, and some shoes. I know this. It will be a HUGE growing experience.  The amount of things I already know I’ll learn about myself I’ve accepted will be massive and challenging. I will have to learn to be humble to make it, strong to survive, and learn to listen to my higher self to keep me safe. I want to learn these, I want to learn MORE than this, and I want to find me completely and learn to love me completely..

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