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Friday, February 25, 2011

A little about Me.

Hello All!

  Welcome all To the Off Kilter World Of Zach, a.k.a. The Wonderer!

 Welcome all, You have now stepped into an ever changing world. One where the normal or Mornal and Nothing is as it seems. I'm a nerd at heart, a slob by nature and a loving and caring guy. I don't deal with drama. I have removed as much as possible from my life. So if you come in my front door of life clean your feet on the mat.

Life is an ever-changing force full of fluidity. Why do we live our lives as if we are the Salmon swimming against the flow instead going with the flow and enjoying every minute of it?

Now that that is said lol . Love my life greatly!  I like the name says wander, I do realize I have not spelled it properly. It has duel meaning. I am a bit of a Nomad who loves to travel, I also and a curious person and love to learn new things and share what I've learned with everyone I meet.

I am not religious my any means. However, I am very spiritual. I meditate a lot and work on my self to become the greatest i can possibly be. I am a tree hugger, I love nature. Though for a long time I didn't show that to people. Also Have been titled a Hippie lol.  Though In the end All titles aside. (since i believe they are all fictional anyways) I am just me. A fun Loving guy, Someone who enjoys life and is learning as i go to just take hold and don't let go! I have learned to love myself very deeply and to accept everything about me.

I am an artist, love painting and drawing sketching taking pictures, coloring, ceramics, paper mache. (basically give me somethign to be creative with, and I will be a happy pappy haha)

This Blog I am starting now ( few months before) I start Backpacking around the Western part of the US. There are MANY other places I want to backpack ,and will. I'm starting this to hopefully Inspire people to just let got sometimes and live their dreams. To learn to not take it so serious all the time and Just love their life.  Inspire them to, no matter what makes them happy, grab ahold of it and don't let go! No matter what others say, or what your ego tells you. Once you do what you truely want in life no matter how tough it is worth ever minute of it.

Many more Blogs to come, More before I actually backpack!  To let everyone know what my mission is and where I maybe when. Though ALL things are subjective!

Love, and Peace.

1 comment:

GeckoBoy said...

Good luck and be safe where you go! I will be here in St.pete/when I move to Ohio cheering you on!

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