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Monday, October 3, 2011

It's time for a revolution

Ya know friends, I have been sort of following the protests of recent. I am rather amused by it to be honest. Yes great cause I believe, but we are buying the supplies to picket them from them. Kind of defeats the purpose. Though, oddly enough I want to go join in this. It would be amazing experience. There are tons of groups up there and all over the country. It is about time people are tired enough of the system to stand up and say it as whole. It is past time that we all stop just complaining and DO something about it. Amazingness. People are finally taking action, what a beautiful thing. Who all is tired of being broke? Of fighting for these things they say we need, but we can't seem to reach? Tired of worrying about what they will crash next? Tired of feeling to small to have your way? Well peeps here is the chance. GO FOR IT!

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